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Racecar Preparation

This is the heart of SPR Engineering. Although we do a variety of other things, we are here because of a love for racecars. Racing is always a challange, there is always room to grow, and always room to innovate in order to find those next few tenths. Let us help you prepare a safe, fast, reliable racecar.

Some of the many things we do...


-Roll cages

   -Prebent bolt in, or fully welded built from scratch


-Suspension modification and tuning

   -4 corner scales


   -Bump steer mitigation


-Weight removal

   -If it doesn't serve a critical fuction, its gone

   -Every pound affects the CG, so everything should be placed with balance in mind.


-Engine building

   -Broad power band

   -Long life




   -Properly vented

   -Driver adjustable if desired


-Data acquisition

   -AIM system installation and setup

   -Post race data analysis



   -High speed grip

   -High speed front/rear balance

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