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We are ready to handle all aspects of your restoration project. Weather you're looking to drop off something you pulled out of a field and want it back as a show vehicle, or just need some simple rust repair, no job is too big or too small.

Rust Repair and Frame Stiffening


A step not to be skipped, rust repair adds back the original strength and integrity of the car. We do not add patch panels over rusty areas, we cut out as much compromised area as needed and replace it with fresh, strong material. This helps keep rust from returning and is just simply the right way to do it. Often times we will add some additional frame stiffening members to combat an originally flimsy design.

Suspension and Brakes


From rebuilding sloppy aged components to original factory specs or upgrading to adjustable shocks, coilover springs, and huge aftermarket brakes, we are happy to offer advice on what to choose, and of course we can make it all happen too.



The car is nothing without an engine. There are a lot of modern engines that make a lot of horsepower, and there is a lot of technology thats making the original power plants scream too. Let your imagination be your only limitation.



Its got to look good inside and out. For street cars, we think its worth taking the time to add sound deadener, insulation, and all the finishing touches on the interior that really show attention to detail and make it a pleasure to drive.

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